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Result of the Final Round

Change in a portion of the judging for the finals

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, the "6th National Mangaka Daikaigi in Manga Kingdom Tosa" has been canceled.
Since there is no possibility of the event being held in March, the judging of the "1 page manga" section by the original finalist judges of both the high school student category and the open category has been canceled, and the final judging will be performed privately by the preliminary judges instead.

Judges for the Final Round

【1 Page Manga】High School Student Category and 【1 Page Manga】Open Category
Osawa Shuntaro, Kusaka Riki, Masaki Hidehisa, Muraoka Masahiro and Morita Masafumi
【Story Manga】Open Category
Ogawa Etsushi, Mizushina Takayuki, Moo. Nenpei, Yamada Goro and ComicWalker's Editing Department
High School Student Category (1 Page Manga) Results Announcement
Theme : Fantastic! / Cool!

General Comment

There were many fiery works that showed the passion of their artists. As judges, all of us had a really hard time choosing the prize winners.
The entries also feature art skills that are way above what we expect from high school students. It was really a good motivation for us as well.

Judge: Masaki Hidehisa

Grand Prize

Prize Money of JPY100,000 / Invitation ticket to the 29th National High School Manga Koshien Championships for two / CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX

Republic of Korea
    Judges' Comments
    The drawing is really cute and the work is funny. The idea is also very good. A stronger focus on the composition and viewpoint in the panels would make this work shine even more. (Osawa Shuntaro)
    Everyone has something attractive about them! There is an incredible encounter waiting for us, if only we break through stereotypes and preconceived notions. (Kusaka Riki)
    You followed through with your concept from start to end while keeping it simple. Indeed, we never know where happiness will come from. (Masaki Hidehisa)
    This work is easy to understand, and it draws in its readers. The elephant pattern on the boxers could be interpreted as a metaphor for a certain something, which was amusing. (Muraoka Masahiro)
    The art is cute, and it has just a little dirty joke in it. It made me laugh. There are parts where the movements are a little hard to understand. I am sure this manga would convey its message to the reader even more with further research into composition and panel layout. (Morita Masafumi)

    Prize for Excellence

    Prize Money of JPY50,000 / CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO

    Republic of Korea
      Judges' Comments
      The work has a strong message and high-level artwork. The drawing is also filled with energy. With a little more blank space, the work would be even easier to follow. (Osawa Shuntaro)
      The never give up attitude and the strength featured is great! Not only did his efforts flourish in another way, it flourished in a way that really suited his true character. It makes me feel great! (Kusaki Riki)
      This taught me that there are many ways of looking at one's dream. Having a flexible mindset is very important. (Masaki Hidemasa)
      This positive message that was brought across by the intensity of the artwork was conveyed in a way that does not sound preachy. Fantastic. (Muraoka Masahiro)
      The drawing level is top class. The plot development held a strong message and was very good. It took me some time to realize that he was playing a game. Maybe including a screen featuring a game would make it better. (Morita Masafumi)
      Open Category (1 Page Manga) Results Announcement
      Theme:Making a comeback / Revive

      General Comment

      There were many works that made me read deeper and sparked my interest. I had a fun time judging this category.
      I look forward to seeing works with even higher levels of art composition in the future.

      Judge: Masaki Hidehisa

      Grand Prize

      Prize Money of JPY100,000 / CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX / Wacom Cintiq 16

      キタオカ ミツル
        Judges' Comments
        This work was unanimously awarded the grand prize for its amazing drawing ability and a great expression of the theme "Making a comeback." The work also draws in its readers attention with its bold artwork. (Osawa Shuntaro)
        An old folktale of Japan becomes a new world legend! The change from the sepia-colored sad past to the vibrant sunburnt Taro on the blue seas is superb. (Kusaka Riki)
        This gave me the courage to live. I wonder what awaits him at his destination? (Masaki Hidehisa)
        This art paints a thousand words. I have nothing to add. (Muraoka Masahiro)
        I admire this idea of using Urashima Taro's tragic last moments for this theme. An energetic elderly brings energy to the drawing as well. (Morita Masafumi)
        Open Category (Story Manga) Results Announcement
        Theme : No theme

        General Comment

        This year’s entries were submitted not only from japan, but also 18 other countries.
        Creating manga requires not only drawing skills, but also various skills that reflect the nature of the creator, such as the ability to form a story.
        I felt that in every piece of work.
        Knowledge is necessary when drawing manga.
        And that knowledge can be accumulated.
        However, not only knowledge but wisdom is used when truly drawing manga.
        The entries featuring wisdom in them... were many.

        Judge: Yamada Goro

        Grand Prize

        Prize Money of JPY200,000 / ANA plane ticket (Flight between Kochi and Tokyo) / CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX / The choice to publish the work on ComicWalker

        The impressive work of the grand prize winner, Akimichi, will be published on ComicWalker in a few days' time.https://comic-walker.com/

        You are my best gift
          Judges' Comments
          Just looking at the bear cub’s movements and facial expressions makes me happy ❤ The minimal deformation in the drawing allows expressions only possible through manga to shine through! I was smiling to myself the whole time I was reading. It’s so cute I’m gonna die♡(Moo. Nenpei)
          Such depictions of a lively bear, as expected of someone from Russian, is what I can’t help but think. The scene that I really loved was the part where the cub could not help but show it was a wild animal to the female caretaker. It was great to see how the cuteness of bears, such as their expressions, gestures, and bottoms, is universal. (Mizushina Takayuki)
          An excellent piece of work that pierces through with its silence, richly conveying the emotions of the protagonist bear cub without words. The expressions the cub had before and straight after the appearance of the female caretaker were particularly excellent and I laughed out loud. The panels showcasing the time lapse maintain one’s attention, and the foreshadowing up to the ending was also well done. I could empathize completely with the cub. It’s a wonderful lovely work that captures the heart of all its readers.(Ogawa Etsushi)
          This work presents the bear’s lively expression and movement very wonderfully. The changes in the bears emotions are well represented and easily interpreted by the reader. The effort placed into panel usage and page spreads is also very apparent and well done. The expressiveness of this work allows all its readers to easily understand it. I can see the bear as nothing but a cute girl! (ComicWalker's Editing Department)


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