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Result of the Final Round

【High School Student Category】 1 Page Manga Results Announcement
Theme : Distance

General Comment

  • Any of the works could have won a prize. I enjoyed all the works and felt the power from these young people.

    I was able to regain some of my passion for manga, haha.

    Adachi Kintarō
  • As expected of works from finalists, they were all really good!!

    I also liked the The Creation of Immunization work, it was great.

    Tochi Ueyama
  • I was inspired by the many youthful works.

    I envy the quality of their ideas and their boldness that enables them to draw in a way that professionals cannot.

    All they need now is to broaden their horizons by seeing and reading more.

    The further these things are away from manga, the more nourishing they will be.

    Students should cherish the limited high school time that is left!

    Mizushina Takayuki
  • What I want from you high school students is your sense and emotions rather than your skills!

    I want to see what you teens want to draw at this very moment!!

    The kind of work that would make the pros feel green with envy!!!

    That's exactly what the top two works were.

    Moo. Nenpei
  • In Japanese, we have this phrase "ten people are of ten colors". We see this clearly presented here where even though the theme is standard throughout, all the works had their own unique content.

    This shows how much everyone enjoyed thinking freely.

    Many contents were also closely related to daily life, showing how everyone were carefully looking at various aspects of their lives.

    I think that everyone did a great job despite the one page limit.

    I look forward to next year as well.

    Yamada Goro

Grand Prize

Prize Money of JPY100,000 / Invitation ticket to the 30th National High School Manga Koshien Championships for two / CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX

    Judges' Comments
    A simple and strong idea. A good example of what a one page manga should be. Well done! (Adachi Kintarō)
    This made me laugh. Social distance is such a serious issue right now but the cicada had me laughing. Thank you! (Tochi Ueyama)
    I can feel the energy of high school students. This manga not only does a great job in capturing a scene from daily life, but has a good sense of layout and composition. Even the dialogue expresses the character's personality very well and makes him stand out. (Mizushina Takayuki)
    Even though the call of the cicada pleasantly tells me that summer is here, I am reminded by this work that it is important for this call to be appropriately distanced. I admire the artist's ability and decision to express summer by focusing on the cicada's call alone, without drawing the sun, watermelon, shaved ice, fans, mosquito coils, and such. The good pacing of two panels and the complete change of expression of the old man impressed me. However, it would be even better if the crux of this story, the call of the cicada, is better expressed. The presence of the cicada could be increased if its call was written in extremely intense letters that could depict to us how it would definitely anger the old man. All the text in manga are pictures. Draw them with originality to make them interesting! (Moo. Nenpei)
    Even though this is a common story, the way the cicada sticks to the insect window screen makes me feel the heat of summer. It also makes me want to scream like this old man. The good point of this manga is that it is simple and clear, and the window screen is carefully drawn, giving out a good impression. The point that was lacking to me was the old man's sweat. Also, in this case where the same scene continues, changing the point of view will allow more variety in the manga's composition. With this, the manga can be made much more interesting, such as giving the cicada an expression. I had fun reading this. (Yamada Goro)

    Prize for Excellence

    Prize Money of JPY50,000 / CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO

      Judges' Comments
      A tale is spun with just one page. Together with its heart-warming drawings, it soothes me. The strength of this manga would have been even better if the technique of attracting the readers' attention was learned! (Adachi Kintarō)
      This is very well drawn. The characters' expressions were also great. It conveyed what the artist wanted to say very well. Nice piece of work! They will be able to improve their drawing skills if they also try drawing in the 4-koma (four panel) style. (Tochi Ueyama)
      To be honest, I feel that there are better ways to draw and express this theme. However, I appreciate its unrefined nature as part of its charm. I was struck by the fact that English is not a universal language. I feel that the wamrth of the watercolor style is also a good match for this work. (Mizushina Takayuki)
      This is a heart-warming work drawn from the artist's real life experience. I was struck by the effort placed in depicting the characters' emotions. Every panel showcased a different expression♡ However, it is a shame that the drawing and text were small due to the manga being divided into too many panels. Which scene is the most important in this manga? For me, I think it is the 8th and 10th panel. Draw these important scenes bigger, and reduce the amount of panels. I would make this into a two panel... no, a single panel manga! I am sure you can do it too. Try thinking of different ways you can get your message across to the reader! It is a lot of fun to work things out♫ (Moo. Nenpei)
      This is a piece of work with a strong message. That is why there is no punch line to it. There are many countries, cultures, and languages. If we recognize each other and understand each other's language, we can shorten the distance between our hearts much quicker. As this work is not drawn from imagination, but something personally experienced, it is conveyed really well to the readers. I was moved by the boy's bright smile when he turned around. (Yamada Goro)
      【Open Category】 1 Page Manga Results Announcement

      General Comment

      • All the entries were of a high standard, and it was difficult to choose among them.

        In fact, I was highly inspired while judging the works as a manga artist.

        A big thanks to everyone who applied!

        Adachi Kintarō
      • All of the works were interesting and of a high level.

        The huge goldfish in a bowl and the baby bed works had really good ideas, were funny, and very well drawn.

        I had a hard time deciding between them and the one that won the grand prize.

        The "tournament style" that was used to decide the winner was tough on us, but it was great that we could come to a clear result on which work was the best.

        Tochi Ueyama
      • It is quite challenging to compete with only just one page of manga.

        I feel that the artworks with clear intentions of showcasing a particular part or point, were the ones that stood out.

        It was also interesting to see the slight difference in taste between the Japanese works and those from overseas.

        Mizushina Takayuki
      • There were many works (including those in Manga Koshien) where the applicants just draws according to the theme and that's it.

        That makes it no different to a pun or a one-liner.

        They need to ask themselves, "why did it happen? (background, reason)", "and then what happened? (result, response)".

        The works will be much more interesting if all these are conveyed as well.

        Can so much information be placed into just a single page? Yes of course! There is nothing impossible when it comes to manga.

        Let's think and enjoy ourselves more♫

        Moo. Nenpei
      • As the regulation states that works had to be presented in a single page, there were some artists who expressed their content with multiple frames.

        However, I think that with just a single page, there were probably many people who felt that they did not have enough space for drawing their work.

        I feel that it is really tough to express exactly one wants to express with just a single frame and a caption.

        Furthermore, that single frame needs to bring about laughter.

        A single page manga is like a brain puzzle game.

        It is fun for the readers to read them, and it is even more fun for the artists who draw them.

        I really wish for everyone to enjoy drawing such works.

        Yamada Goro

      Grand Prize

      Prize Money of JPY100,000 / ANA merchandise / CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX / Wacom Cintiq 16

        Judges' Comments
        A well designed structure and idea. Hats off to you too for your critical point of view! (Adachi Kintarō)
        A perfect single frame manga! With no dialogue nor narration, it is still understood by everyone in the world. It is definitely the grand prize winner! Although I do not have any qualms about it, I just felt that the title of the work, "the ruin of what one once was" is a tad bit coldhearted...If there had been some warmth in the satire, it would have been even more impressive. (Tochi Ueyama)
        This work was better than the rest in terms of its ability to convey its ideas in one page, its humor, and its surrealism. I also appreciate the compositional skills shown in desigining this to fit a single page. I hope that our future will not be as depicted though. (Mizushina Takayuki)
        Aaah the smartphone, an essential part of modern life, only that I don't have one. What a super-evolution it goes through, and what a horrifying transformation! As this work can be understood by all without any dialogue or text, it is indeed worthy as a first-class entry in the World Manga Senbatsu competition. The acceleration of lenses after the smartphone with three lenses, and how the smartphone continues out of the screen, shows the artist's creativity. Having the three hands that hold the smartphones be similar to each other, allows the smartphones to be emphasized, which is great... however, it is possible to add another idea here. → For example, as the smartphone develops the hands evolves as well, becoming weaker and more frail, or maybe have the number of fingers increase as humanity evolves into a different creature to fit the smartphone lifestyle. Then the title could have been something else... ♪ This is a simple, impactful and profound work that invokes one's imagination!! (Moo. Nenpei)
        My first feeling I got when seeing this work was "I feel sick". Why is it that we feel sick looking at a small gathering of bumps? Indeed camera lenses of smartphones increase with each new upgrade. I liked how my eyes were attracted to the many eyes (lenses) that were on the phone. It's an interesting thought. When I saw this work and read its title, it immediately made me think what it was trying to say. While it is nice to look at works where you immediately know what they are getting at, readers can enjoy the art if the task of making them think is added. This is an interesting good piece of work. (Yamada Goro)
        【Open Category】 Story Manga Results Announcement
        Theme : No theme

        General Comment

        • I felt the passion in all of the works.

          The level of manga in the world is definitely improving.

          In addition, the way of thinking, events, characteristics of every country is really strong and fascinating.

          Hmm... I learned a lot!

          Adachi Kintarō
        • All of the entries from across the world were very unique and highly interesting.

          There were many works that I personally loved, even though they were not selected for the grand prize.

          I learned a lot about dialogue, panel layout, and character development that I would not have encountered if I were to only look at Japanese works.

          It's interesting to see that the core of the stories are typical though.

          Mizushina Takayuki
        • I read through all the entries with a focus. As expected of a free theme, there were works of all kind; works that brought out the inner worlds of the artists that they wanted to share for a long time, works that had panels crammed full of content that was to be conveyed, works with amazing drawing ability, works that paid attention to and emphasized the atmosphere, works that looked like something that I have seen somewhere, and even works that made me question my sanity...

          What was common across all the works, was the over-zealousness of the artists.

          I experienced just how hard it is to judge athletes who begin from different starting lines and are running as fast as they can towards their own goals.

          Can't we at least have some information on what thoughts they carry with them as they run?

          We are thinking of the possibility of creating rules that will allow applicants to give all they have got without derailing for next year!

          Thank you all of you for applying! I have read them all!! They were all interesting yo!!!

          Moo. Nenpei
        • It was almost strange to see how all the works that made it to the final judging, and even those that didn't, were all wonderfully varied with little overlap in content.

          The fact that there is such a wide range of expression, and that everything about the artist can be expressed regardless of age, gender, or nationality, makes me think that manga have become a common language throughout the world.

          Reading manga is enjoyable, but drawing them is even more fun and enjoyable.

          All the works showed signs of hard work, but they were also overflowing with a joy that surpassed that.

          I am sure that all of these feelings were conveyed to the judges.

          I would like to applaud not just the grand prize winner, but all the entries sent in.

          Yamada Goro
        • This year's competition had even higher quality works than the last, and while I really enjoyed it, I had a hard time narrowing down the entries.

          There were also many attractive works from overseas that did not confine themselves to the Japanese manga mold.

          Besides the grand prize winner, there were many other great works, such as "A GOOD boy" from Russia that was very good at depicting emotions without dialogue, "Tio-Mia" from the Philippines that drew me in with with its cute drawings of girls and fleeting story, "Dairy Walks" from Ecuador that with its fun strong design and magical realism, "The Uninvited Guest" from Poland that draw me in with its deep western worldview.

          It makes me very happy to see that people all over the world are expressing themselves using manga, an expression born in Japan. We will work hard to continue spreading the awareness of this competition and manga to the world.

          ComicWalker's Editing Department

        Grand Prize

        Prize Money of JPY200,000 / ANA merchandise / CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX / The choice to publish the work on ComicWalker

        The impressive work of the grand prize winner, 余韋德, will be published on ComicWalker in a few days' time.https://comic-walker.com/

        70s students
          Judges' Comments
          Nostalgia, action, spectacle! It's almost like a model for entertainment. Drawing skills are also fantastic and beautifully depicts the townscape of the '70s. I personally pushed for another work to take the grand prize, but this work, with its perfection and potential, is definitely worthy of the grand prize as well. (Adachi Kintarō)
          The way this is drawn is the best of all. It is really my taste. The fast paced action and the fonts used that suit it, really brings out the thrill of what manga should be. The lively children were well drawn, and the old streets of Taiwan resembled places I had visited in the past, making me feel nostalgic. I am curious to know what people from other countries would think when they read this. (Mizushina Takayuki)
          The power was on full gauge from the start! I was drawn into the story immediately, grinning at the pleasant "betrayal", and read it all the way through with excitement. The Tezuka Osamu was always challenging himself to express "sound" in his manga, but this work feels to me like it is constantly expressing "smell". The smell of soil, grass, sun, wind, cow, old men, young boys' sweat, and really just the smell of manga itself. JUST MANGA SMELL! This made me clearly remember the smell of my own childhood. Nowadays, there are many manga that are drawn from an adult's point of view so that adults can look back on their childhood and immerse themselves in nostalgia, but I was more than happy to see that this work was written from a child's point of view from start to finish. In this work, there are no so-called "beautiful girls", haha. I feel that this is the best part of this work. There are so many more wonderful things in this world than beautiful girls! Is what the manga tells me at my age of 57, and I heartily agree with you, artist Yu Weide. (Moo. Nenpei)
          A group of michevious boys who like to play make-believe hero games. They liken a cow to the Bull Demon King, and challenge it to a fight. They are harshly scolded by the old cowherd, but they aren't discouraged. Afterwhich, they once again transform into heroes to catch a handbag snatcher, get praised at school, and become real heroes in the end. As a child, we have all at least once pretended we were heroes. I feel that the relatableness and the similarity between the children in the manga and children in real life was what made the manga so interesting. The story was easy to understand and the drawings and compositions were also well done. Full marks. It was a fun read! (Yamada Goro)
          Congratulations on winning the grand prize! I read this story with great enjoyment and excitement until the end. This is a story that has a nostalgic landscape and lovable characters who enjoy themselves without worries. The refreshing feel of the manga makes me enjoy it, and together with its expressive power, tasteful design, lively expressions, dynamic movements, and effective deformed composition, makes it a very outstanding work. The scenery of the town was also well done. A work that brings out energy. I could also see some influence of Japanese manga. I hope that you will continue drawing manga. I would love to see your other works as well. Congratulations, I am happy for you! (ComicWalker's Editing Department)


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