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Result of the Preliminary Round

Comment on the Preliminaries

  • It was great that there were many highly passionate entries.

    The entries submitted can be divided into several types:those that expressed the given theme in a straightforward manner, those that gave it a little twist, and those that changed it into laughter.

    However, in the end, those that rose to the top were mostly works that specialized in something, such as being easy to understand, having a strong message, or being skillfully drawn.

    By focusing on what one wants to express the most, the feelings and passion of the artist are easily conveyed.

    Osawa Shuntaro
  • The power of manga has overpowered Covid-19’s feeling of hopelessness!

    I felt first-hand how manga has taken root throughout the world!

    The judging room was buzzing with the enthusiastic energy coming from the entries!

    Thank you for all the laughter and heartfelt feelings!

    Kusaka Riki
  • I was surprised at how the act of drawing manga can make people’s hearts pure both in Japan and abroad!

    On the other hand, it also reminded me how difficult it can be to create a “unique perspective” and a “unique way of expression”.

    Masaki Hidehisa
  • There were many works that faced the theme head-on with their straightforward interpretations.

    I would like to see more originality, such as personal settings and ideas.

    It was fun to see the works of people from all over the world.

    Muraoka Masahiro
  • For this year’s contest, both the quantity and quality of the entries have improved, making this a very worthwhile contest.

    Although the word “distance” has become a word that we often hear in this time of Covid-19, there were many positive stories and many that made me laugh. This gives me hope for the future.

    For “growth”, a large number of entries were similar in content. I chose the ones that I felt shone the brightest.

    I look forward to next year’s contest, with lots of stories from lots of countries.

    Morita Masafumi

Works that have passed the Preliminary Round

1 Page Manga【High School Student Category】

Works that have passed the Preliminary Round

1 Page Manga【Open Category】
The results of Judging Procedure for the Preliminary Round of Story Manga【Open Category】 will not be announced.

Final Judging

6th March 2021 (Sat)
The final judging and announcement of the results will be broadcasted live at the “National Mangaka Online Daikaigi (tentative name)”, an online event featuring many famous manga artists! In addition to the World Manga Senbatsu finals, the event will be filled with other programs for manga fans to enjoy, including a manga artist talk show!


International Comic/Manga School Contest